Carolina Copperheads Youth Football & Cheerleading
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The Program
Tackle Football
Copperheads Youth Tackle Division &
Middle School Tackle Division!

Balance is the key to our program. It is also the reason for our huge success! We balance all teams by age, weight, and experience. That ensures fair, fun play for all. We do not have A/B team systems, no player drafts, or do coaches get to pick their teams. They all support the SCORE Policy and we are doing this for the kids! That is why every player in this league starts! We find our formula works and because of it we are the model program all others try to emulate! Our goal is to make the games fun, competitive, and rewarding for all participants.

CC Div. Tackle Age & Weights
Ages 10-12 y/o Max. 150lbs.
Age 13, Max. 130lbs.

Middle School Tackle Division
Ages 14u, 6-8th graders
No weight limit.
Regular NCHSAA Middle School rules.
NC AAU affiliated

For Copperheads Div. Tackle, 10-12:
If a players is 130lbs + they must play offensive or defensive line positions.

Ball carriers start the season weighing 120lbs or <, and may gain 1lb per week as the season progresses.

Our tackle program is the last step before Middle School football, it is also your best opportunity to learn and play the game! We offer fair and fun competitive play in a positive family friendly environment.

In the Copperheads we have the ESR Rule, Everyone Starts Rule. All players in all divisions, Flag or Tackle must start the game and play the whole first half on either offense or defense. 2nd half of the game is coaches choice. By this we offer the more playing time for the kids then any other youth football league!

Join the Carolina Copperheads and see why we are the best program for your family!

We provide all tackle equipment and uniforms at no extra cost. They must be returned a the end of the season.
Flag Football

We offer Flag Football in two age divisions! The Greensnake Flag division is for ages 6-8y/o and the Viper Flag Division is for ages 9-11y/o.

Flag Football is the best place to learn the game before you put the pads on. Learn strategy, special teams, and positions while building a strong foundation for the fundamentals of the game.

Fast and exciting is the best way to describe the flag divisions --- and fun too!

What does it take to play flag? Speed, agility, skills, and fun-damentals. Our players find that as fast moving as the flag games are you better be ready to use everything you learned in practice to keep up with the pace.

Why play flag football? We find that most players are better off playing a year or two of flag football to develop a good foundation of the fundamentals and knowledge of the game prior to jumping into a tackle program.

Flag football is not easy. Believe it or not, flag is harder then tackle - but not as rough. Flag quickly develops the skills necessary to succeed in tackle. If you don't understand how the game is played or the game strategy first, tackle can be a real confidence buster. By playing flag your child will learn all the necessary fundamentals to move on to the tackle program -- and have a good experience along the way. Also, in our league, every player starts.... and plays a minimum of half the game.

Flag football builds skills, confidence, and agility.

Flag Football Divisions:

6-8 yrs.   Greensnake Division
9-11 yrs.  Viper Division

Have we got spirit? Yes we do!

Cheer for the Copperheads! We provide high spirited and enjoyable family friendly cheerleading for girls in grades K-8 / ages 5-13 y/o. Our season runs mid-August thru mid-November. We teach the girls cheers, chants, and dance routines for them to perform at our football games and our annual Cheerleading Event in October. We have lots of new dances and cheers for the 2012 season!

Our program put the children's needs and experience first. Our main goal is for them to have fun! We are bringing back 'old fashion' cheerleading in a family friendly environment! At the end of each season the cheerleaders receive a trophy and t-shirt as well, free!

Practices are 2 x per week from 6:15pm-7:45pm at your assigned location. Practices are at the football practice fields your local area. Practice days are Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday depending on squad assignment.

Uniforms. Each Cheerleader will be required to purchase a uniform package. This package includes the uniform and bloomers at a cost of approx. $60. All other cheer equipment is provided. The league cheer registration fee is $150, due at registration. The $60 for the uniform package is due by Aug. 1st. We will take measurements at registration and have a sample uniform(s) for the girls to try on. At the end of the season the girls can keep their uniform to use the next season, or sell them to another cheerleader at the cheer swap shop. All cheerleaders will wear the same uniform.

Our cheerleading program offers girls the opportunity to get a great introduction to the sport of cheerleading and learn from experienced cheer squad coaches to prepare them for more advanced cheerleading. Also we make it fun! Our cheerleaders also learn dance routines as well!

Registration fees:
Tackle Program $265 per player (After June , $300)
Middle School Tackle Program $265 per player (After June , $300)
Viper Flag Program $195 per player (After June, $200)
GS Flag Program $165 per player (After June $175)

There are No Refunds for any reason after July 17th.
Refunds prior to that date are less a $25 admin fee.

There are no association fees, volunteer hours, or equipment deposits required. *

*This does not apply to the NCIMSFC and Middle School Program.

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