Carolina Copperheads Youth Football Camps
Offering Summer Football Camps In The Triangle Area For 20 Years!

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About The Carolina Copperheads Youth Football CAMPs...

Priorities is the best way to define our mission.

We strive to make sure all our focus and priorities is placed on ensuring the program suites the kids level - not the parents or coaches. Our role as instructors and as coaches is to make sure each and every child in the program has a fun and enlightening experience with youth football. This program is for the kids and is tailored to their needs and competitive levels.

Our S.C.O.R.E Policy
We believe in teaching sportsmanship, character, organization, respect, and encouragement to our young aspiring athletes. It is the cornerstone of this League. As adults, being role models in the SCORE Policy, allows our children to learn about sportsmanship from the best source. Observance and enforcement of the SCORE Policy is what sets us apart from all other leagues and organizations. Our coaches teach it, our players display it, and our parents encourage it. And it works!

The Carolina Copperheads were formed in 2000 to provide a better experience in youth football instruction. By taking a visionary stance in that we strive to promote the values of the game and the thrill competition - not just winning, we bring a new style of competitive sport to the playing field. Teamwork, leadership, participation, determination, and most of all sportsmanship is what we are all about. It's also what our coaches are all about too.

The Program...
The key to our success
is Organization, on and off the field. By planning and keeping the best interests of the total family experience in youth sports we present the best program available for children to participate in. We are a NC based non-profit organization who's primary goal is to develop and offer a unique youth family sports program that not only provides kids with a fantastic youth football experience, but also enhances the community we live in on all levels. The Carolina Copperheads Summer Camps actively recruits the best from our community to ensure we succeed.

The Carolina Copperheads are more then just kids playing football... They are the future of our communities and society. By teaching the SCORE Policy early on and by setting the example in coaching, as parents, and volunteers we help these children see the way sports can not only be fun, but also benefit the communities in which the live. Each season the Carolina Copperheads champion an off-the-field cause to help children in our communities. In the past 16 years the Carolina Copperheads have:

> Purchased Beanie-Babies for children in regional hospitals over the holidays.
> Established an annual $1000 Youth Leadership & Service Scholarships.
> Collected over 500 children's books for local hospital pediatric units.
> Fund Raised for in winning against cancer in kids.
> Annual support for Prevent Child Abuse In
> Jonathan's - Helping Kids With Asthma
> Assisted in building projects with Wake Co. Public Schools and field improvements.
> Assisted various public and private Christian schools in field improvements.
> Developed a Copperheads Kids Care program for community families in need.
> Only youth program to have a youth leadership development job program.
> Food Drives for Wake Co. Crisis Ministries
> $1000 scholarship to NC Copperheads Combine Event winners!
> Sponsorship of two Special Spaces Rooms for in 2012 & 2013!
> 2014 thru 2017 Established Youth Leadership College Scholarships.

As you can see, when the Copperheads hit the field each season it is not just the kids in the league who benefit, it's the community. We've done a lot of good in a short time... That's the example we wish to set.

Carolina Copperheads
102 Evanshire Dr
Cary NC 27513

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